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Service Description: MAG, or Mountainland Association of Governments, uses county assessor tax parcels to prepare and create model base-year data. In preparation for the new TransPlan50, MAG has collected and analyzed Utah County's parcels by categorizing them into certain building types.Those types include: 0 - Empty - Buildable 1 - Single Family Res 2 - Multifamily Res 3 - Industry 4 - Retail 5 - Office 6 - Government 7 - Mixed Use 8 - Other 9 - Education 10 - Church 11 - Group Quarters 12 - Commons 13 - Health Care 14 - Open Space - Non Buildable 15 - Farm 16 - Utilities 99 - No Build Based on specific building types, MAG's Land Use Model (REMM) is able to project future population growth.

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